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The Jeff Richards Show

Nov 23, 2021

Superstar galore Robert Downey Jr. gets to know killer comic and actor Amir K (MadTV, Argo) in this post party vib’n interview. They talk about their hair, Ofcourse, but this episode also offers much in the exploration of their own personalities through witty banter etc. 

Nov 8, 2021

Movie Star renegade Gary Busey gets to the bottom of things with Esther Ku as all areas are explored and many things are learned. Gary is coming from a snowy location(to be revealed later) as Esther is in gorgeous Florida. Enjoy this zinger!

Oct 25, 2021

Jimmy Fallon(Jeff Richards) traded wit and gossip with Charles Fleischer(Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Zodiac, Back to the Future II, A Nightmare on Elm Street) in this timeless classic of a tale. They go deep into the very surface of it all! 

Oct 4, 2021

Superstar influencer Lauren Francesca and Jesse Pinkman (from Breaking Bad) sit down in this one on one exchange that covers everything from gaining followers to dating celebrities to side hugs and much much more.

Sep 20, 2021

It’s been 33 years since “Rain Man” premiered. Tom Cruise (Evan Ferrante) and Dustin Hoffman (Jeff Richards) have barely communicated till now, till this very time; as fate would have it they would come together in this intimate little podcast.